Wednesday, May 23, 2012

alas it has been forever!! The last time we spoke i was your regular Ugandan Jane but now i know me some new languages. Aaaaaaa of course am just an intermediate speaker However it gives me such delight like nothing has for a while! perhaps you should try it too. a new language. a new way to express the things that pop up in your mind. Might be a great adventure!!! How are you! still there?

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

haaaaaaaaa 2012

you are here after all. I thought somehow we would not see you. But here you are in all your glory!
A fresh breath of air has filled the space of these lungs and a newness of hope has wiped the old future aside. its a thing that the hand of God can bring to a broken soul. HOPE!! real hope that staggers your mind and yet it can not be denied. Hope like this.

Yet the people of God i can see are the first to cast their mockery at His name. they doubt Him and say things that no one who loved another would utter even in secret. there is no love found for the Lord among those who profess to be His own. HOW!!!

I wonder how much longer we can grieve the spirit and still pretend to be more that liars. How much longer we can put on this facade and point fingers at hypocrites. How much longer can we ignore the stench of our souls and the obvious squalor of our minds. How much longer will we play the fool in a game that is one of life and death!!

death is real and almost tangible. it dwells in us when our conscience is seared little by little. and death is a patient very patient. he takes his time is stealing away the things we hold dear. he lulls us to sleep and snatches things away from us when we need them the most. Like a loan shark who just never comes around to collect when things are going alright. he only remembers you when you get laid off and the mortgage is pending. the kids need to be in school and your mama is sick... Only then does death reveal that he was here all along.

Oh people of God.. arise and shine. stop telling all these lies... stop believing all the lies!!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

maybe am wrong

i may be wrong but surely its wrong to be cast aside awesomeness and all.
i lay my self at the feet of a person and they trampled me any way...
he knows i love him yet ignore me he does like am not there at all. and am no loser so i hop on coz i don't care right!!!

why must i be deemed a loser just because i feel pain at the fact that am not wanted by the one i want. Its not like i was faking it such that i can just walk away!!! but who am i to complain!!!

best friend left, man seems out of reach. gosh, Dear Lord so help a child out... this time am sure you see this is well beyond my handling capability!!! i want to think positive but its not necessarily working!! what shall i do now?
please help other wise ama be lost and i hate that plot of getting off the path of righteousness.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

july 2010

this year has been long awaited. we've had the africa cup of nations, the FIFA World cup in Africa and me writing this blog.. more to talk to myself than anything, the love of Naruto has grown and will stay, Bleach has taken an up run in the rankings of good tv for me not to forget the FBI were here last week....!!!!hmm
the year has been good.

this month saw my Spanish dudes of the game win the cup with that phenomenal win against Germany and then as you know the win against Netherlands.

July 11th: the blasts in Kampala. tragic.. shocking, infuriating and very very frightening. i watched in horror, as did others, the next morning's breaking news on television. people had died!!! lots of people. they didn't know who had killed them and he had no clue of who they were, who loved them and who would suffer the consequence of their actions.
nonetheless these people sent our brothers home in this violent burst and dug into our minds with fear of one another and reminded us that " our lives are not our own." that someone somewhere can snuff out our light and dim the hopes of those we loved. that we are helpless mortals and things are not as much in our control as would be suggested to comfort us.
those hands of hatred or warning or whatever they think they thought was a justification for their action were perhaps not the hand of God nor the work of evil refugees.
i really abhor the manner in which the people of Uganda were so quick to point a finger at the minority people who had come here only to steal a piece of peace from here. you know people who would not be alive had this country of ours not been here.
it reminded me however of this very often forgotten fact: i can all end now.
Yes it might end in a Boom or a smashing of a car or a sweet silent theft by death. the curtain falls, the trap door spider may just pull you in!
so more than ever are u ready to go today. Pray for the grieving but pray for the souls of our nation that men shall seek God and perhaps find him and be redeemed that they may not die but pass from this life and into the life that comes after this.

July 11th. May all those who died rest in Peace. and may those who remained behind be comforted and devote themselves to the one who is God over even death.

july 2010

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The Race is not to the Swift!!

this was posted by a friend of mine... i thought that it would bless anyone who read it so i though i'd share it here......

May be you have thout andn wondered aloud "What is it goin to take to come thru and get ahead, atleast for once" haha, i got gd news 4 u.....
being faster, stronger and wiser does not automatically make you a winner in life Eccl.9.11
actually "time and chance happens to us all" David, the Man of War en Stature still acknowledged that "No king is saved by the great size and power of his army; a mighty man is not delivered by [his] much strength. A horse is devoid of value for victory; neither does he deliver any by his great power". Ps.33.16-17 But Vs.18-19 "the Lord's eye is upon those who fear Him [who revere and worship Him with awe], who wait for Him and hope in His mercy and loving-kindness, To deliver them from death and keep them alive in famine" Is this that not what we are looking for....Victory & "Strength", Class(read Superiority, Distinction, Ability en 'the Win')???

My friend, we all need a favour to tilt the balance.....and Our God desires us to get there, to make it and come thru. it is the Lord's desire to bring u thru en shame yo critics, defy the odds including yo own doubts en fears....just to prove that He is God en there is nothing too difficult for Him. Hallelujah!!! Ps.145.15 "The eyes of all look to You and You give them food at the Proper time, You open your hand and satisfy the desires of every living thing" Promotion neither comes from the East nor the west but from the Father above!!

We do not always get it right and many time we stab ourselves in the back....yo know its true. But our God has promised deliverance, He will deliver us from the Snares en prepare a banquet for us in the presence of our enemies, He is the one who anoints our Heads with oil en causes our Cups to overflow!
He will do it for us; Confound our challenger, lift us a shoulder higher en replenishes our Reserves. He is the one who crowns our year with bounty, He sprinkles His glory on all our efforts en rewards or labour with good success. We see the results of our work,it shall not return void but in "good measure, pressed down, shaken together en running over"!! Good measure X Pressed together X Running over! that's an Amazing degree of returns on investment.

Trust Him to do that for you today, u may have struggled en struggled en given up but you know, the story isn't ended yet, there is still more. At the Table of Grace,the Cups never empty; the Plates are always full en its never too late! Our God still has something More for u, don't look to what's gone but realise that "Greater things are still to be done" en surely His hand can still satisfy you with good. Declare it en Believe it en u will see it!! Prov.12.14

ahimbisibwe Wycliff

Monday, July 5, 2010

it been a while..........

For sometime now all i have heard mostly is the rants of Christians who want to be more liberal, want to set the boundaries alittle further out there and also to make the boundaries alittle less visible... coz they hurt their eyes.

today however i have been reminded of the brewing pot of the devil. i heard today the sweet sounds of persecution, for the bible syas rejoice when you are persecuted for doing good. well ofcourse some of us may never have to face such things as persecutuion because... well we are one with the world.

lately i have heard the statement " let the hungry feed themselves" too much, if you are hurt go fish.... we wont be set back by your needs.. i mean we have our own lives to live( all that is parapharased): and this among Christians!!!! the Bible says it is the wicked man who says to a hungry and cold man " God bless you and keep you warm and does not give him food and clothing." yes it is our duty to help when it is in our means to do so. But do we?

Dont get me wrong i'm definately not perfect otherwise i would float through walls, and feed only on manna and dew, but it pains me nonetheless that people are so willing to let others die and that we have a justification for oue decadence. the compassion is gone from our hearts. we do not aim to strengthen the weak, no, we trample them and hope that they will get the picture and get stronger. we crush hopes with our sharp tongues even when we snigger and laugh at those we deem less than we are.
who are we? what have we devolved in to?

christians are consumed with sex and vulgarity it seems they are victims much more than the people in the devil's brewing pot. but wait what am i saying.... we are the new breed of the Devil's pot. malice is at its peak, we are insensitive, quick to speak and slow to listen, DID I MENTION IT IS GETTING HARDER TO FIND SO CALLED CHRISTIANS TALKING ABOUT GOD OR ANYTHING PERTAINING TO THE THINGS OF THE KINGDOM.

let me say this at the risk of being hated on... CHRISTANITY IS SERIOUS BUSINESS!!! we can't serve the King only when we feel like or when the occasion suits us. Every minute every hour we have to be devoted to our King. Jesus said, if you love me, you will obey my commands. he didnt say.. you may or you will do it when you feel like....
people we are servants and soldiers, yes we might be the friends of the King... but who on earth or in heaven would want a friend who only acts as a friend when his needs force him to. who wants a friend who is ashamed of them most of the time. Certainly not God. He will SPIT us out.

God is merciful, forgiving of short comings and strenghtening the weak. and yes many people will run to David and claim they are just as he, u know refering to the Bathsheba incident.(note that it was an incident). I beg you read thru 1 Sam - 1 Kings and measure your self against David. surely are you a man after the Heart of GOD???
some say its just a thorn in my flesh... Sweetheart has the Lord said that he will not remove it to keep you humbled??? then quit deceiving your self and Repent. besides, paul constantly fought his thorn not gave in to it!!!
let the excuses go this time and deal with your sin. Let God show you for real just how rotten you are. For the Christian today is not humbled.
Unlike Jesus who was indeed equal to God and counted it nothing to be graspedand humbled himself to become a man and obeyed God even to death... we are only friends of God but we think we have a right to step on his fingers after all we are family!!!!!!

people let us get serious. The devil is. And remember this is a war for your soul. who do you want to go home with God or the Devil? unfortunately to choice is yours.